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Sonata n 8 in C Minor “Pathétique”

-L.van Beethoven-

I Grave, Allegro di Molto e con brio

II Adagio Cantabile

III Rondo Allegro

Music for a Journey

Luis de Arquer


Behind the Hill


Spanish Sketch

The Happy Prince


-On Three notes chosen by the public-


Music for a Journey, is a piano Suite that was written to accompany us in our and imaginary journeys.

“If we wish to listen to music whilst we are on the move, we will discover that this is now possible”… This sountrack is for very special moments…our moments.

In many ways, each “piece” contains something essential for wich it was written and, as I do every Saturday evening in Solo Piano concerts, I would like to give you some explanations for each one of them:

The Suite begins with a Prelude written in a tonality full of positivity “A Major” that leads us to Behind the Hill, music that tells the story of an unfullfilled love full of unforgettable memories…wich inevitably will be forgotten…thanks to the freshness of “Morning” wich brings new hope and peace. Spanish Sketch moves away in time and dreches us with the South of Spain, watter and orange blossom from a night train travelling through groves of olives trees…whilst The Happy Prince, (music based on the tale by Oscar Wilde), and his beloved swallow converse timidly until it becomes a messanger of the happiness that the Prince himself, as a statue, cannot bring those who need it most…


Begins his musical studies in Cerdanyola del Vallés, small summer town near Barcelona, and surrounded by a family of great artists, his passion for music was awoken at a very early age.

When he was only seven he was already improvising in public with such different styles as Bach and Chopin, captivating his audiences with his great musical imagination.

His progress on the piano led him straight to the Granados Marshall academy a meeting place in the past for many renowned Spanish musicians such as Falla, Albéniz, and Turina, and specifically into the hands of the great concert player Alicia de Larrocha, who saw his special talent and supported him throughout his early career, where he would work alongside a variety of important figures of the like of Nikita Magalof and the composer Xavier Monsalvatge, F. Monpou.

All of these influences provided the young musician with an artistic base, which within time (following extensive concert activity in Spain, France, Switzerland and South America) would bear fruit and bring out his most surprising facet, his compositions and improvisations.

Improvisation, a somewhat relegated genus, was in times past the highest degree of artistic freedom. Employed by composers such as Beethoven, Granados, Chopin, Liszt and so many others, it uncovered the very interior; of their styles, that more intuitive, profound interior.

Luis de Arquer reminds us once more that music may arise from anything and at any time become something with its own, precise form without having to be organised or constructed at a later time, creating works of art in one moment, and developing them with absolute freedom,right before an astounded audience.

Further fruit of improvisation are his written works, which include various works for piano, the C.D. Music for a Journey for piano solo, music for a number of short films, Hymns, the comic opera A Day with Vincent, for chamber orchestra and four vocal soloists, and the soundtrack for the Symphony of Illegals.

Turning to what is important to us, the descriptive, delicate creativity of this young artist always transports us to the good times in our lives. Solitary and intimistic, we can discern the influences of many in his work, but it is fully renovated and replete with energy, life, music that does not pass unnoticed.

Luis de Arquer Works

Piano “Music for a Journey Suite” 35’ Prelude Sea Histories Behind the hill Morning Boceto español The Happy Prince

6 Preludes. 20’

Tocata in CMajor. 4’

6 children pieces. 18’

Piano & Orquestra Obsesión (piano, bandoneón, guitar, orchestra & Choir mixte) 5’ Talas Dream (piano & chamber orchestra) 4’ Tango – Habanera (for guitar, bandoneón, piano & orchestra) 5’ Finale (piano & Orchestra) 6’ ONG Voces 2012 – Theme for AIDS – Piano & Orchestra. 5’ Suite Plou I fà sol per piano, harpa, flauta & orquestra. 20’ (music for a documental with the same name by Pere Joan Ventura) Anthem for ADDA (animal protective association) 5’ Anthem for Hiroshima – Contest Unesco. 4’

Chamber Music Three Frames – Flute & piano Sonate. 15’ Suite A.M. for chelo & Piano. 55’ “Ópera Buffa” Van Gogh in one act. 65 ‘

Recordings Suite a Miguel – Voice, chelo & piano Music for a journey suite – piano Ilegals Sinphony – BSO

Performances · Palau de la Música Catalana 1.997- Piano recital – Classic music. · Palau de la Música de València 1.998- Piano recital – Classic & own compositions. · Auditori de Barcelona 2.000 – Piano recital – Classical. · Padova Italia – 2007 – Piano recital – Own compositions. · Santo Domingo – 2012 – Music for a travel & Improvisations · Mexico – Radio Unam & · Padova Italia – 2014 – Suite AM – Chelo & piano. · Suite A.M. extended with the actor Miguel Molina: Theatres of: Fuerteventura (Canary islands), Ibiza, Alicante, Villa Real, Valladolid, Barcelona, Graus, Benasque, Huesca, Chiclana.. etc.